Who you are ?

   Hi, my name is Nagihan Sema KUDU. I am an artist at hs artgallery. I’ve been painting when I was twelve. Maybe more earlier because I have a photoI’ve been painting humans some kind of stick man. 

Well, I’m actually computer engineer On the other hand I am also interesting in oil painting professsionally. 

  What kind of artworks do you paint?

  I am classical artist so I like paining Istanbul scenes, nature oil paintings obviousliy I have a large specturum so sometimes I paint moderns arts, abstract art or portraits. 

  What is the main theme of this year ?

  The main theme of this year is Istanbul. You know Istanbul is a very interesting city. Peoples who living there are generally planning to leave the city but they don’t because they secretly love the city in fact.I think this comes from a metropole life style is hard. You are exposed to crowded places, traffic jam, and expensive life conditions. But Istanbul one of the most beautiful city in the world. It has a long history. The city hosted Byzantine and Ottoman Empire and has historical buildings with amazing architecture. 

   So in this year I very enjoyed while painting Istanbul’s historical building for example: Ortaköy Mosque located in the Marmara Sea side in the wonderful place. I painted it twice one of them is big wall art and the other one is a little bit smaller. 

There is lots of symbol buildings like Galata Tower, Taksim Square, Maiden Tower and more. I very loved while I was painting them and learned lots of things. 


  How do you start your paintings ? Do you explain the steps ?

  There are some steps in oil painting the first and important step is imagination, be creative. As a HS art gallery artist, we try to be creative and a good artist must be patient always. 

When you finish the composition on your mind you start to embody it. In painting techniques you have to draw your idea to canvas something like in sketch format. For example imprimatura technique.  And the next step is blocking step. You paint your forms in your composition in gross mode. Na then when you finish blocking step you are ready to paint details. If you have more details your artwork will be more good. 


  Do you take advantage of  technology in your paintings and how?

  Yes I use technology when I was painting I think it useful. Instead of keep in mind the details or forms of object you can take a photo and by zooming in zooming out you can see whole details at any time anywhere. This is amazing for an artist. And sometimes we composing the artwork before drawing it. In example Hanging Gardens of Babylon is in the ancient world so we actually don’t know about the details. We have researched long hours thinking, imagining and some compositions was built in computer so we are ready to start painting it. 



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